Chef Dmitrij Berman
  /  Chef Dmitrij Berman
Chef. Vagabond. A honest man.


As our chef Dmitrij Berman notes, he fell in love with gourmet culinary since his first job in Scotland as a Commis Chef. Since then work at kitchen has become a joyful activity and a place where he was able to reveal and express himself.
Now it has already 12 years passed since his journey started in the kitchen. The favorite cuisine is definitely the Mediterranean and often used as a base to craft his exquisite and delicious chef-d‘oeuvres.
His persistent interest in culinary books, world gourmet trends, and modern cuisine led to many well distinguished national and some international awards such a silver medal at the World Competition in Luxembourg.
He also has a great passion for a contemporary gardening and he created a true gem in our premises – an organic garden with a greenhouse. Most of his dishes are pampered with freshest vegetables and spices from this very special garden where he picks them up himself every morning together with his team.