Chef Ernestas Viršilas
  /  Chef Ernestas Viršilas


A decade ago, chef Ernestas Viršilas came to Esperanza Resort after a long experience. Still, as E. Viršilas remembers, when he first arrived at his new job ten years ago, he had a vision of how things would look.

I started working at Esperanza Resort in the true sense of the word from scratch. After a year and a half working at Esperanza Resort, young chef decided to go overseas and went to London, where he was honored to work at such outstanding places as: “Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s”, Michelin-starred G. Ramsay’s “Maze” restaurant, as well as “The Arts Club” and more. After spending four and a half years in London, E. Viršilas returned to Lithuania to head the cuisine of several high-end restaurants. Finally, he received an offer to return to the Esperanza Resort, where he is currently working on future plans to refresh the menu, enhance the kitchen, maximize the potential of the place and indulge in new luxurious flavors.