Safety Information for guests
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Procedure in the event of fire

The Esperanza Resort & SPA is equipped with a fire alarm system. All our staff are trained to deal with emergency situations quickly and efficiently. Smoke detectors are installed throughout the hotel as well as in the guestrooms. The hotel also has an electronic internal alarm system that constantly monitors the interior of the entire building and automatically passes any fire alarms onto the nearest Fire Brigade Station.

In case of emergency

We urgently request that you familiarize yourself with the location of the emergency exits, fire alarm system and fire extinguisher as well including the following Safety Instructions. Please take note of the Emergency Exit Plan which is located at your room’s entrance.

Please try to observe the points on route to your room:

Locate the nearest emergency exit to your room. Count and remember the number of doors between your room and that exit. Open the emergency exit door and take a look at the stairwell behind it. Locate the nearest fire alarm and fire extinguisher.

What to do if you notice fire:

If there is fire or smoke in your room, leave immediately. If you are in the corridor activate the nearest fire alarm. Alarm buttons are installed near elevator and at the end of corridor. If possible, close all doors near the fire so that it cannot spread. Please do not take any personal risk, only attempt to put out small fires with the aid of an extinguisher, if safe to do so. In case of a large fire, leave building immediately. Please keep calm!

If you notice a fire, please remember the following points:

  • Call reception
  • Close all windows and doors
  • Keep calm

What to do if the alarm is given while you are in your room:

  • Leave your room immediately!
  • Lifts should not be used in the event of fire.
  • The emergency staircase is available as an emergency exit route.
  • Fire doors close automatically but remain operational for rescue purpose

If you leave your room to go to the nearest emergency exit, please proceed as follows:

  • Carefully open the door and establish whether there is smoke in the corridor
  • If only a little smoke is visible, make your way as rapidly as possible to the next emergency exit!
  • If it is dark, feel your way along the wall and count the doors to the emergency exit!
  • Proceed in a crouched position, as the air on the ground is better than on higher levels!
  • Never try to go through thick smoke!
  • Don’t use the elevators!
  • Always remember to be calm!

What to do if you cannot leave your room

  • Call the reception and inform of your situation
  • Remain in your room, if exit is blocked, this is the safest place to be
  • Place wet towels and sheets against the foot of the door to prevent smoke from entering your room.
  • Take the curtains down, if the fire reaches the window from outside at least no material will be set alight
  • Keep wastepaper baskets ready for use as buckets so that you can keep towels and sheets at the door wet
  • Make yourself noticeable and wave a sheet at the window as a signal to Fire brigade that your room is occupied
  • Remain close to the floor
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a damp cloth to ease breathing
  • Do not break any windows unless necessary
  • Closed windows help to prevent draughts of air feeding the fire
  • Consider your actions carefully and remain calm

Kindly help us to avoid fires:

Please refrain from smoking in bed and do not empty hot ash into the trash can.

Do not use your own cooking and heating appliances

Thank you for your attention and assistance!