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Sand Bed

The healing properties of hot sand were already known in Antiquity: when it is hot, it activates the flow of blood and lymph, encourages sweating, aids weight loss, stimulates oxidation processes and enhances kidney function, removes facial swelling and improves metabolism. Psamotherapy (hot sand therapy) helps treat traumatic disorders of the musculoskeletal system, as well as poorly flexingjoints and the peripheral nervous system.

Treatments we recommend to try in Sand Bed:

Sand bed therapy – Back, neck and shoulder area massage performed on warm sand bed unwinds your body and has a therapeutic effect.

„SPA Esperanza” Signature treatment – The signature SPA Esperanza ritual nurtures and revitalizes the body, makes facial skin luminous and radiant. The ritual begins with a gentle body scrub which prepares and purifies the skin, gives softness and incomparable firmness sensation. Particularly deep relaxation state is attained while lying in a heated quartz sand bed when the whole body is massaged with warm sand bags. This treatment not only relax the muscles but also relieves back and joints pain. Facial skin is indulged with luxurious Natura Bisse elixirs and nurtured with effective massage techniques which are able to bring luminosity to the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and making it more radiant. The ritual ends with relaxing head massage. This signature ritual will definitely encourage to return to SPA Esperanza.