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Welcome to paradise

Treatments & Therapies

SPA Esperanza is an oasis of relaxation for you, where you will forget your troubles and dive into heavenly pleasures.
Hidden in a private corner of the thick green forest of Aukštadvaris National Park, SPA Esperanza offers exceptional peace and luxury to anyone seeking to avoid distraction and dedicate some time to oneself.
A hot bath or a parlor massage grant only temporary relief – the moment you are out, you are once again submerged into a noisy environment and a tense daily life. That is not what your body needs. It requires deep and true rest, which would give it peace, inner strength and fresh energy, return your healthy vitality. Once you have relaxed truly and deeply, you will feel your mind relax as well.
This is exactly the kind of profound relaxation that you can experience with us. We will offer you unique treatments to which we apply exceptional devices only we have in our entire Eastern European region. Innovative, using special technologies and adapted to the natural traits of the human body, they will make your rest unforgettable, leaving you with only the best impressions.
At SPA Esperanza you will have an unprecedented experience of true relaxation, refreshing your body and mind and granting new and positive energy.
Have a nice rest and pleasant discoveries!

Floating bed

SPA experience begins when the essences are applied all over the body, then wrapped in a soft blanket - that’s when the amazing relaxation effect happens – the bath rises up, allowing to float on a beautifully warm-water bed, in the seventh heaven of wellness.


LIBRA Warm hammam bed and special horizontal shower treatments: balancing, energising or relaxing. Different temperature of water currents stimulate blood circulation, relieve the body, and revive the spirit.

Sand Bed – Psammo concept

Sand (Greek: psammo) heated by the sun has been a traditional method for thousands of years in respect of holistic well – being. Even the ancient Egyptians enjoyed baths in hot desert sand.

Cloud 9

CLOUD 9 by Sha. Combination of colors, light, projection and motion creates a regenerative effect on the nervous system and supports the deep relaxation effect. Twenty minutes in Cloud 9 is equal to two hours of deep sleep.


A massage is not merely a pleasant way to relax. It is also a great way to cure an aching body, revive and rejuvenate it and supply the energy we so often lack.


Amphibia - Spa.Wave System
Power-napping extreme – Relaxation through Quantum-Harmonic-Sound therapy. The Binaural Acoustic & Dynamic Stimulation – combines the gentle sound waves of a special music with a highly efficient vibration massage system integrated into the lying surface.


Only highest qualification cosmetologist are working and quality products are used to cherish your beauty and health during all treatments at SPA ESPERANZA. Retail products in Lithuania exclusively available only in Espernaza Resort & SPA.


Geneo is the ultimate facial treatment platform for achieving a younger, fresher and naturally better-looking skin Geneo consists of 3 applicators offering the singular benefits of 3 potent technologies – OxyGeneo, TriPollar RF and Ultrasound. With these technologies we encourage the natural processes of the body to renew and replenish the skin.


Multi-Award winning Dermalux Led Phototherapy is the leading, non – invasive treatment that harnesses the power and beauty of light for visibly radiant, rejuvenated and refined skin.

Jet Peel facial treatment

Jet Peel is a revolutionary noninvasive safe method that uses jets of air and liquids to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Peeling is carried out with the help of an exclusive cosmetic device that has a mild effect and provides deep skin cleansing and non-injection administration of nutritional cocktails, vitamins and other preparations.


LPG® endermologie® its patented treatment technique inspired by manual massage. At ,,Spa Esperanza`` next – generation the Cellu M6 Alliance® professional device delivers a mechanical massage on the skin’s surface, to naturally and safely stimulate the sleeping cells. With great respect for tissue, the transformation operates from within. Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production is reactivated for younger-looking, firmer and more radiant skin.